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For the curious, interested in developing for Frontender.

  • 1 Site
  • 2 Scopes
  • Online support

0 monthly


For medium-sized organisations that maintain one or more websites for a single brand.

  • 4 Sites
  • 2 Scopes per site
  • Online support

799 monthly


For medium to large-sized organisations that maintain website.

  • 16 Sites
  • 2 Scopes per site
  • Online support

2799 monthly


For large-sized organisations that are looking for a solution to manage multiple brands with multiple teams.

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Rates are monthly and are billed annually. Additional scopes can be purchased at €2 per scope.

Webpages should be easy to create, publish and manage.

Start to manage all your websites from one place!

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What plan is best for me?

The number of projects and scopes determine which solution is best for you. Also consider that you may need one project for each development, testing, acceptance and production environment.


A space is a collection of projects. When you register with Frontender, you get a personal space on Frontender with your first, free project.


A scope is a project add-on. It enables you to add more sites and languages. Each language or domain requires one scope.

Are you an agency?

Be the go-to agency for your clients.

Offer your clients the same services but a unique tool.

Develop custom backend interfaces for your clients that snuggly fit both your and your client’s needs, their goals and their team’s proficiency and workflow.

Your clients will be grateful that their brands are always consistently represented under your capable supervision.

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Same business, different tool.

Increase your client relationship and their loyalty to you, their trusted agency.

Design a custom web system for your clients. A system that will allow them to manage all their websites from one environment.

You will use the same web technology you know and love, so you’ll be up-and-running in no time.

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We’re here for you.

We offer our partnering agencies training and support:

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Designing and developing for Frontender will feel very familiar to your team. The power of Frontender is in the way web content assembles; combine components and data in an intuitive interface that requires no technical knowledge.

Frontender Platform is open-source. If you have developed a neat feature that you would like to have added to the core? Please send us a pull request, we’ll consider it!

Yes, you add projects and scopes as you need them.

If you are a developer for the internet, you will feel right at home. Frontender uses a combination of open-source technology like PHP, Twig, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

The Frontender desktop application requires Mac OS version 10.10 or higher or Windows version 7 or higher. In the future, a release will become available for Windows. To host your web projects, you need a server with Apache 2 or NGINX, MongoDB 4 and PHP version 7.1 or higher. For more information, please refer to the online documentation or contact our consultants.