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CTA and Frontender

“I’m really impressed at how well you were able to build the portal with Frontender and match the graphic designs exactly with a collection of building blocks. Other content management systems always impose restrictions on the design”

… says Thierry Lewilly, programme coordinator Web at CTA.

CTA previously operated with 40 independent websites for each business unit. The design, content and effectiveness of each website varied. CTA needed a new, consolidated online presence that was robust and effective at providing a broad range of information under one banner and from one data source.

From a marketing and business perspective, the objective for a new portal was to have complete flexibility over the visual design and yet have the capability for non-technical staff to perform the content management duties of keeping the portal up-to-date. In their global marketplace it is also important to communicate in several languages. Brickson implemented Frontender to manage and build very easy different designs for several messages and audiences.

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With Frontender you create custom designed webpages without the need for a long and costly implementation project. You create and launch campaigns in minutes from the convenience of your desktop. With Frontender™ you’ll create webpages like a boss, dragging and dropping containers to create tailor-made messages on-the-fly.

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