Are your webpages telling the story?

Ronald Willems – 2 years ago

Storytelling is a big part of a modern approach to website design. It engages the visitor, introduces them to your brand, and establishes your identity in a way that stands out from the noise of the Internet. Your site serves as a uniek portal to your brand or identity. It is often the first thing that people see when they want to learn more about you. By telling your story in a cohesive way, you can greatly influence how that person identifies with your goal and ambition.

This is why it is so important to tell a story with your site, rather than simply going down a bullet list of must-have items. Things like your contact information and an about page are important, but how you present this information can be very much as vital as the data itself. Hereby we give you some tips to help you tell a story with your website.

Add personality

To make a difference online, you have to add a personality or a brand in a layout with text and visual content. Recognition of your intentions and ambitions is key for visitors to engage with your platform. For example, today Brickson is a recognised and highly valued digital agency in the Netherlands. Their confident look and friendly approach is the key to their success. Throughout the whole website they use the same “tone of voice” and visual impressions to tell their personality in an story.

Be predictive and easy to understand

When a visitor enters your platform or website, and they scroll down, the story has to unfolds itself that is simple to and easy to follow. On every menu and on every page. Your audiences will experience a story that is easy to identify with.

Distinguish User Interaction with small details

With the smallest details in your design, you can strengthen your story and distinguish yourself from your competition. Every time you launch a new online product, be aware that the information you transfer, must lead to interaction and conversion. With Frontender it is easy to iterate with details, look and feel, different stories and experience on how customers react.

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