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Ronald Willems – 2 years ago

In a fast-track marketplace, you must be able to develop and deliver compelling customer experiences to reach and engage the different target groups.

Key features

  1. Create new sites faster than ever, without added complexity or burden
  2. Drive messaging and branding consistently across sites with shared assets
  3. Speed conversations with comprehensive cross-site experience management tools
  4. Facilitate multi-site governance with granular access control and detailed workflows
  5. Simplify DevOps processes with a common code base


Speed Time-to-Market Without Limits

With a publishing layer, new sites can be created quickly and without added infrastructure complexity or support burden. Your organisation can fast-track their web strategy with confidence, knowing the design and functional possibilities are limitless, as are the number of sites that can be deployed and managed. Centralized administration capabilities provide granular access control and management for all sites and web assets so businesses can securely leverage internal and external resources. Extensive workflow controls for content and site publishing and comprehensive audit trails of cross-site activity facilitate multi-site governance at scale. And, IT can enable content creators, developers and designers to create and publish content, and protect their assets at the same time.

Drive Business Agility for Maximum Effect

With the publishing tool, You have a framework to develop and deploy sites. Businesses can optimize customer experiences and drive business agility with consistent messaging and branding. In addition, DevOps processes can be streamlined by leveraging existing content and code across sites. Marketers can focus on creating impactful customer experiences with personalized content and cohesive digital marketing campaigns, while IT can develop and deploy sites faster, without increasing the support burden. Marketers can further engage their customers with targeted and relevant experiences. Visitors can be segmented by site, or across sites, using criteria like location, searches, duration and more. Their journey can be directed to personalized web pages based on their segments. Preview tools allow marketers to validate that the journey is presented appropriately across sites and devices,and comprehensive analytics enable them to gauge their effectiveness by tracking conversions and other website KPIs by site and/or segment.


With a publishing layer solves the challenges of multi-site management in a single, scalable solution. The easy-to-use tools enable marketers and IT to execute their work independent of one another, resulting in more effective customer experiences and improved market responsiveness.

Intuitive “Drag & Drop” Interface

With the publishing layer , you have a Template “builder”/ editor that makes it easy to create rich, dynamic templates by interacting with user-friendly interfaces. Content will be gathered from a data source and dropped through widgets onto a template. Once in place, widgets can be changed through a guided interface that produces content consistent with the website's design and brand.

Relevance Through Content Personalization

Show the right content to the right person by defining your audience, transforming the content, and testing the result. A publishing layer provides a rich toolset for automatically connecting visitors with personalized content. These content personalizations can be incredibly rich and are easily tested by impersonating each defined audience.

Centrally Manage Multiple Sites

A publishing layer for multisite management makes it easy for you to manage a collection of websites and microsites through a centralized interface. Content authors can easily contribute to multiple websites, or use content from other websites. Users, roles, content, permissions, templates, images, and more can be effortlessly shared or synchronized between sites.

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