A new way to create websites

We are putting control of online communication where it belongs – with you.

Frontender is a smart content presentation layer that gives you full control over your online communication. Create customised online experiences by combining containers into new interfaces that fit your messages. Publish them quickly to reach your audience immediately.

People, processes and environments change over time. That's why Frontender grows with your organisation and adapts to new circumstances. It fits in any application environment and any workflow. It pulls in content from any source that has an API and is agnostic to whatever web stack your team prefers.

Mix and match.

With Frontender you create and publish websites using building blocks from your own, custom interface collection, or library. By combining these building blocks – which we refer to as containers – you create unique interfaces that suit your message optimally for each use case. Containers are combined to form web pages, which in turn are combined to form websites or online applications. A Frontender publication is managed through a super easy to use desktop application with which you create professional online publications.



Containers are configured to retrieve content and pass that content on to a template, together with any other settings that the template may need to display itself. In this way, both template and content can be re-used in different ways. The same content may be injected into different templates, or the same template may be used with other content or different settings.

Tailor made.

Containers are tailored pieces of interface. They are designed professional designers and developers to do what you need them to do, and when you need them to do it. The tangible end result is a piece of custom designed website that you can combine endlessly with other containers from your container library – over and over again.


In Frontender™ containers are displayed using real content. Content can come from anywhere – if it has an API, Frontender™ can display it. This decoupling of content and presentation provides many advantages. Content and presentation are be developed and maintained independently and interchanged or swapped out depending on what's needed at any given time. Imagine the power of being able to draw in any content, and even combining content from different sources.

Are you ready to get started with Frontender?


With Frontender you create custom designed webpages without the need for a long and costly implementation project. You create and launch campaigns in minutes from the convenience of your desktop. With Frontender™ you’ll create webpages like a boss, dragging and dropping containers to create tailor-made messages on-the-fly.

We’ll be happy to tell you more and give you a demonstration of the magic of Frontender. Call us at (NL) +31 73 203 22 76 or leave us a message.

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